BBUGS Committees 2023-2024

To get involved, contact

Chris Whittington (BIOCHEM)
Hailee Scelsi (BIOCHEM)

BBUGS Communications
Chenxing (Kristin) Li (BMED)

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee has three focus areas: policy, industry, and research. Activities include networking events within the biotechnology industry and academic community, guest speakers on relevant policy and academic topics, career panels, and seminars.

Past events:

  • Tour of local biotechnology companies
  • Seminars with business and policy professors
  • Coffee chats about research and seminars with grad students and post-docs

Committee members could:

  • Contact PhDs in industry to give seminars
  • Gather materials to educate the community
  • Organize discussions about research

Committee Chairs: Daniel Kim (CHBE) & Jessica Bonsu (CHBE)

Outreach Committee

The Outreach committee is focused on inspiring the next generation of bioscientists and bioengineers by getting K-12 students and the broader community excited about all types of STEM topics.

Past events:

Committee members could:

  • Co-host online demo for a local class
  • Help chairs create virtual material
  • Visit and host area schools to get kids excited about science!

Committee Chairs: 
Athena Chien (BMED) 
Anna Kaehr (CHBE)

Garden Committee

The Garden Committee leads the BBUGS community garden! 🐝


  • Maintaining the bee garden outside of IBB
  • Open Hand volunteering

Committee Members could:

  • Help plant bee-friendly plants
  • Help decrease lab carbon footprints

Committee Chairs:
Khoi Le (BMED)
Aaron Silva (BMED)

Community / Social Committee

The Community / Social Committee provides fun and exciting opportunities for graduate students to hang out and have fun, planning and organizing events to build community amongst bioscience and bioengineering graduate students.


  • Whitewater Rafting Trip
  • Intramural Sports
  • Ice Cream Social with other majors

Committee Members could:

  • Help plan larger events (rafting, etc)
  • Plan a smaller event (game night)
  • Host IM practices

Committee Chairs:
Yenho Chen (ML-BMED)
Hyeon Ju Song (BMED)